Listed below are some simple guidelines, advice and suggestions to make an appointment with an escort possible, easy to schedule, and all it can be…

In order to properly appreciate the services of an escort, you must first learn how to discuss said services.

Keeping this in mind, let’s begin…

VIP Companions DO NOT sell sex. While many people confuse VIP Companions and prostitutes, the big difference is actually quite simple. VIP Companions sell their TIME, not sexual acts. What happens during the time spent with an excort is between two or more adults with similar likes & dislikes. It’s that simple.

Because of that, you will discover escorts DO NOT talk to ‘newbie’ clients about sex between you and them, at all, in any form or manner. They are selling their time, not “acts”. To avoid any misunderstandings in communicating with an escort, keep the discussion light and fun. Mentioning “acts” will get youignored completely and nobody has any fun if that happens.

This is a BIGGIE! NEVER associate a sex act with a fee or rate. The only people on the planet who attempt to associate sex with a fee when communicating with an escort are government agents, police departments or are soliciting hookers. Making this fee/act association will scare an escort away, and once again everybody loses. Avoid this mistake at all costs, and you will have a great new friend a phone call away.

When first contacting an escort, whether via phone or e-mail, ALWAYS supply a phone number and whatever information her advertisement or website has requested. She will learn all of this information anyway, plus it makes the screening process go a lot faster. Something to avoid is sending e-mail with lewd wishes and wants. These WILL be ignored and it halts communication. Not good.

Always pay the agreed upon rate up front. NEVER make the companion ask for what you owe her. She is providing a service, after all.

When you first meet with your companion, be sure to leave the money in plain view, preferably in an unsealed envelope or card, and expect her to count it.

In the event you are staying at a hotel, EXPECT her to call the front desk to discreetly confirm you are a registered guest, and in the room number you provided before the appointment. This will require you providing your full name. This is obviously for safety reasons.

Expect her to have told a trusted friend where she was going, for how long and with whom, including details. She may call them in your presence, before your appointment begins. Escorts have friends too, and to stay safe, they keep the most trusted ones well informed.

If your first meeting with your companion is in a hotel room, EXPECT her to go immediately to the bathroom to make sure there are no additional “guests”. Do not be alarmed by this. Sometimes clients surprise escorts by bringing a friend or friends along without warning. Never a good idea!! This can annoy or even scare her and will destroy any opportunity for your appointment to continue. Upon finding no unexpected guests, you can then EXPECT her to then lock all of the doors in the room including sliding glass doors and doors to joint/adjoining rooms. The time you have purchased is for you alone, unless you have arranged otherwise beforehand. With all the doors locked, she will have a much easier time concentrating on you.

Only offer beverages to your companion which, are NOT OPENED! You may also expect your companion to supply her own beverages. She doesn’t want to get dosed with any kind of drug, or have to worry about it, so to avoid this it’s a great idea to follow the sealed bottle & can rule. If she does accept a beverage from you, EXPECT her to drink it quickly, or not to leave the container unattended until it’s finished, due to the reasons stated above. Once trust is established, or you’re a repeat client, this will not be an issue.

If you and she find each other sexually attractive, and as two consenting adults you both decide to have a little fun, DO NOT EXPECT condom-free sex, it’s simple common sense.

This one is easy and common sense. DO NOT treat her like an item/object. She’s a human being, making her time available to you as eye candy, a dinner guest, a travel companion, a drinking buddy or what have you. Treat her as you would have someone treat you, and you’re likely to make a lifelong friend and have a lot more fun.

DO NOT EXPECT her to be the one keeping track of time, although she may do so. It’s your responsibility to be aware of the time. When you are nearing the end of your paid time, EXPECT her to gently warn you. If you’d like her to stay longer (and if she’s available), now is the time to ask. Of course, additional monies will be required. She is in a service industry like any other and her time, like yours, is valuable.

EXPECT your escort to treat you kindly, yet professionally. She sees you as a client, and soon-to-be friend. She DOES NOT view you as her boyfriend/girlfriend. If you are looking for a relationship, then stick with a girlfriend/boyfriend and leave the escorts to their friends who enjoy their services.

Lastly, if you were pleased with the service you received, tip her. Everyone likes to be told they are doing a great job, and this gesture, if even it’s just $10, makes a world of difference. A gift is also nice, but never expected or required.

Well, there you have it. If you follow these simple suggestions, you should have no problem when contacting an escort, setting up an appointment, having a great first meeting or enjoying your new-found friend. The memories which can be generated by your success in following these suggestions are golden. Do yourself and the escort a favor, and play nice.